NFT – Ransom Money


Augmented Reality NFT

1/1 Original

Envisioned as a 1 of 1 Augmented Reality artwork, Ransom Money by Gao Hang marks Unique Board’s first ever NFT artist release. Since 2019, Gao has been investigating and visualizing forms of money in his art.

Crafting fluorescent green, airbrushed sculptures and paintings that shock the eye, the belief in currency itself is questioned; forming a new narrative for the glowing cash in society.

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Username Bid Amount Date
j*********r $4,750.00 2021-04-06 18:57:13
h*******6 $4,500.00 2021-04-02 02:04:04
f**********t $3,900.00 2021-04-01 23:50:57
t*m $3,581.00 2021-04-01 23:41:47
n*t $3,500.00 2021-04-01 21:22:40
j*********r $2,000.00 2021-04-01 19:00:39
Start auction $0.00 1/4/2021 03:49:28
rotating ransom money AR infront of building

“It’s an honor for Unique Board to present Ransom Money by Gao Hang, a ground-breaking and provocative AR NFT. We can literally play with the notion of currency in endless settings. As crypto feverishly redefines society, Unique Board is playfully contributing to the conversation surrounding the volatile convergence of art and technology.

I’m proud of our dedication to ushering in AR NFT works by some of the most exciting artists of our time. Gao’s money commemorates our first offering in many innovative releases planned this year.



The winning bidder will also receive this laser-etched COA on wood panel, with a money drawing made by Gao. To accompany the physical COA, UB created a 3D printed sculpture of one stack of money, now bringing the digital art into a physical form.



AR infront of building


Gao Hang, 高航

Classically trained in photorealistic painting in his native China, Gao Hang's recent paintings are a striking departure from his previous work.

Hang's work both representational and abstract, illustrates modern human habits with a sense of humor and absurdity while ironically commenting on, and satiating, the viewer’s need for instant gratification.

Gao Hang artwork
Gao Hang artist
Gao Hang artwork
Gao Hang artwork

Hang evokes the postmodernist neo-pop movement, by using subject matter and color as a conceptual and structural armature. Deliberately, Hang uses florescent hues which he considers to be the tones of his generation. Gao Hang, born in 1991, in Baoding, China, currently lives in works in Houston, TX.

“Gao’s work is a masterpiece of contemporary modern art fused with artistic humor that will sustain execution. Yet ultimately brings to light the underlying concept of online survival and instant gratification in a way where you can’t help but to find it ironic.”


JAN 2021

AR infront of building

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As we delve into our first NFT release on April 1, a 1 of 1 AR sculpture Ransom Money by Gao Hang — we took time to reflect on the power + possibilities of exploring AR as an artistic medium with our Creative Advisor, Gabriel Barcia-Colombo / @gabebc.

Gabe has been working in Augmented Reality for the last six years, as a digital artist, curator, + educator in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program School.

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